If you’re still at that point in your life where you make out with your partner, or you’re hoping to make out with someone soon, this post is for you! 


For the longest time I brushed my teeth, brushed my tongue and flossed. This seemed sufficient until I spent a few months in Mexico & Guatemala and learned about the ancient Ayurvedic practice of tongue scraping. I would never go back to those foolish ways. 


You brush your tongue too, right? Well, research shows that tongue scraping is more effective at removing bacteria from the tongue than brushing your tongue.  When you really think about it, brushing your tongue is just moving bacteria further back and into your tongue, not removing it.  


When you first wake in the morning, stick you tongue out. See that coating on there? It may be white, yellow, green or maybe even orange if you live on carrot juice like me! EEK 


One of the incredible skills of the digestive system is it removes toxins from the body.  Our bodies are so incredible that even when we are sleeping our digestive system is hard at work removing toxins from our body and many of these toxins are deposited onto the surface of our tongue.  Mix these toxins with old food particles and bacteria and you’ve got that nice coating on your tongue. You may also have some bad breath that will surely be detrimental to a make-out sesh. 


A tongue scraper is a long thin U shaped piece of metal (gold, silver, copper, tin, brass, stainless steel). I prefer copper tongue scrapers because studies show copper is toxic to the bad bacteria in our mouth, and it provides enzymes needed for the healthy microbes in the mouth to survive. Copper also has a long history of being used as a bacteria resistant metal so it’ll keep clean when not in use.


Not only will tongue scraping improve the oral ecology of your mouth and improve your breath but it is said that the scraping massage on the tongue stimulates the taste buds so you may even enjoy the benefit of improved taste. This stimulation of your taste buds may also help get that first morning poo movin!


Want to give tongue scraping a try? It is quick and easy and so so worth it:


1. Buy a tongue scraper

2. BEFORE brushing your teeth, relax your tongue and reach the scraper to the back of your tongue (as far back as you can where all the grime hides) and scrape the tongue from back to front. 

3. After each pass, wash the tongue scraper and repeat 8-10 times

4. Floss, brush and rinse mouth with a glass of water 

5. Wash the tongue scraper with healthy soap and water 

5. Practice your make out skills